MP welcomes plans for a post-Brexit UK

Berwick's MP has welcomed the Prime Minister's commitment to a global outlook for a post-Brexit United Kingdom.

Tuesday, 17th January 2017, 12:05 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th January 2017, 12:12 pm
Prime Minister Theresa May and Berwick MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan has also embraced Theresa May’s assurances that the UK will leave the jurisdiction of the EU’s institutions and courts when the Brexit process has completed.

The Prime Minister confirmed she would resist calls to stay in the restrictive single market which would have meant the UK would retain free movement of people and a lack of control of immigration.

Mrs May also made clear the UK would move away from the EU’s restrictive and inward-looking customs union, which bans members from forging their own trade deals, stressing the importance of an independent Britain’s ability to make deals with the nations who have already expressed a desire for greater trade links post-Brexit, such as the USA, Australia and India.

The Prime Minister spent some time laying out her vision of a global, outward-looking nation, free to trade with the wider world, as well as our European neighbours – something Mrs Trevelyan spent the Referendum campaign fighting for.

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Mrs Trevelyan said: “I was delighted to hear the Prime Minister set out her vision for our nation – a nation which will be a strong, friendly ally to the EU, but which will look beyond it to the rest of the world.

“Throughout the campaign, I talked about how leaving the EU would give us the opportunity to become an outward-looking nation which will be freed from the restrictions presently placed upon us by the EU, enabling British businesses to trade more freely with other nations, and to welcome the best talent from across the globe.”

The Prime Minister’s 12 point plan involves ensuring all laws affecting UK citizens are made in the UK, by politicians directly-elected by UK citizens.

This was particularly important to Mrs Trevelyan, who commented: “It is always frustrating when constituents contact me expressing their concern about a law, and I have to tell them UK politicians have no control of it – a recent example is the ‘tampon tax’.

“A key driver for me in supporting a break from the EU, is the ensuring MPs are accountable to their constituents for all laws we all live by.”

The 12-point plan also expresses a commitment to continue to work with European partners on key issues of security, and a desire to guarantee the future of EU nationals already in the UK as soon as possible.