MP: Threats cannot be ignored

Colin Wakeling asks why our MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan does not publish a list of surgeries across the constituency in the same way that John Lamont does in the Borders, (Berwick Advertiser, July 12).

Saturday, 21st July 2018, 6:42 am

The answer is simply, and regrettably, a matter of gender.

I hope Mr Wakeling will remember the murder of the Yorkshire MP Jo Cox, which was the most extreme example of the increasingly common abuse now directed at women MPs and councillors.

At a lower level this can be seen in the aggressive comments posted on this newspaper’s own Facebook page by people who often hide their true identity.

Northumbria Police has investigated a series of death threats against Mrs Trevelyan and she is constantly advised, like all MPs, on her personal security, not least since she also holds a position in the Ministry of Defence.

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To publish in advance her whereabouts would simply increase the risk of harm.

Mrs Trevelyan holds frequent surgeries in Berwick and Alnwick, along with her constant outreach whenever constituents have an urgent problem.

Anyone who wishes to meet with her privately should contact her office in Alnwick.

It is a very sad time for democracy that our MP cannot move as freely as she would like because of threats to her life made here in Northumberland.

Michael Gallico

Chairman, Berwick Conservatives