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Who is responsible for co-ordinating the jobs allocated to people who have been sentenced to carry out unpaid work or '˜community payback' in the Berwick area?

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 19 September, 2017, 09:00

I think that community payback should benefit the local community, rather than being used as a source of cheap labour by care homes and charity shops.

Our local area is a popular tourist destination, largely due to the beautiful scenery of the Northumberland coast and our historic town, which I think should be kept clean and free from litter, dog mess, graffiti, etc, so that visitors leave with a good impression.

And I think that community payback could be better utilised in such public areas instead of benefiting private companies in any way.

Another question is why are people who have been convicted of offences, which may involve violence, theft or dishonesty, allowed to work around old and vulnerable people when carrying out their community payback?

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People who are employed by care providers have to undergo a criminal record check, which can determine whether they are suitable to work there. Yet the same care providers seem willing to use criminals.

Personally, I think that’s wrong.

Alan Brown