Medals galore for Berwick jiu jitsu students at junior Nationals

The TF Fitness Centre, travelled down to Wolverhampton on the Easter weekend with 11 competitors for the British Juniors National Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu championships.

Wednesday, 18th April 2018, 11:50 am
Updated Wednesday, 18th April 2018, 11:54 am

The Saturday brought the No-Gi competition, with some first-time competitors.

Up first was Nicole Ainslie, the only female from TF to compete that weekend. After a hard five-minute match, she lost on points, bringing home a silver.

Next up was Cody Leighton, who, after giving his all, lost via a rear naked choke, just missing out a place on the podium. The third competitor out of the four was Hayden Ainslie, who was also given a tough match-up and lost his semi-final via a rear naked choke, taking home a bronze.

The final competitor on the Saturday was Jevon Leighton. He matched a tough opponent who he had fought before, but on the day Jevon beat him by two points to take the gold. Jevon then went on to enter the absolute category. His first match saw him against the same person from his category and his time he finished him via kimura submission, but lost his second match to the eventual winner, having to settle for bronze.

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The Sunday gi competition had three new competitors for the team, Callam Crawford, Gregor Steele and Jayden Zhu, who was first up, Jayden gave a fantastic performance for his first competition, but sadly lost by an armbar, this secured him a bronze medal.

The next competitor, Nicole Ainslie, battled the same opponent from the day before and yet again, after a tough five-minute match, she was beaten on points. Her opponent then went on to win gold and Nicole got bronze.

The third competitor was a very nervous Gregor Steele, who went out and gave a good performance, hearing the final bell but losing on points to earn a bronze medal.

Cody Leighton had the most match-ups on the day (five in total) and had to show true heart to get through them all, battling a head injury after being dropped by an opponent. His first and second match saw him take on two tough opponents, whom he beat via referee’s decision. In his third match, Cody was dropped on the floor by his opponent and medics were brought on. After a few nail-biting minutes Cody stood up and continued to battle and beat his opponent by 2 points. However, after this match Cody was taken back round to the medics due to a small cut on the back of his head. He was patched him up and medics suggested that he did not continue, but Cody disagreed and continued. His fourth match saw Cody take another nasty knock to the head, but once again he continued the match and won on points. His fifth match was for the gold medal and, after battling hard during his last four match-ups, Cody was sadly submitted via a triangle. Cody came off the mats proud and held his head high as he collected his silver medal because he had truly earned it.

Up next was the first on the three brothers, Duncan Anderson, who battled hard and won by submission, taking home gold. Duncan was then followed by second brother Oliver, who had entered in a new weight category, but it was safe to say he still had no trouble beating his opponent and won the ref’s decision and he came home with the gold medal.

Next up was Hayden Ainslie and he showed some really top-level, controlled jiu-jitsu. He easily beat his quarter-final opponent on points, winning 9-0 and two advantage points up. His second match saw this aggression continue, however his opponent caught him with an Americana. This saw Hayden get bronze again.

The third brother, Rory Anderson, then battled an opponent he had seen before and had beaten many times. However, this time his opponent beat him on points, so Rory settled for bronze.

Next competitor was Ewan Lowrie. After giving a good effort against his opponent he was beaten on points, but still had a chance to redeem himself in his second match.

Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on Ewan’s side because he was caught with an Americana, forcing him to take bronze.

The tenth competitor saw Jevon Leighton destroy his competition again. After moving up a weight category and facing a tough battle, Jevon won his first match on points and his second match by submission called invisible Jiu-Jitsu, taking home another gold medal.

The final competitor was Callam Crawford and he was in at the deep end for his first competition as he was competing in the blue belt category. His first match saw him dominate his opponent, being comfortably ahead on points before eventually tapping his opponent with a bow and arrow choke. His second match saw him tally up the points again, but sadly his opponent caught him with a rear naked choke, forcing him to tap. Callam gave a fantastic performance on the day and he collected his silver medal with a big smile on his face.

Out of all 11 competitors, the small Berwick team brought home 15 medals!