Matter must be highlighted

I was delighted to read the comments of Coun Georgina Hill on methadone '“ how true.

Sunday, 4th February 2018, 08:00 am

Coun Hill ‘hit the nail right on the head’, metaphorically, for without such noxious substances as methadone, our over-stretched NHS might be better off.

Understandably, such substitutes do help wean the users off more life-changing and dangerous drugs, which can kill, but sadly, with everyone having a different metabolism, it is surprising just what the end result can be.

Where possible, I endeavour to be totally impartial, but I really do feel that this matter should be highlighted and addressed somewhat urgently.

Locally, I’ve seen some very decent people with personality disorders brought on by using ‘medication’ and drinking alcoholic substances.

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This saddens me as many of these individuals are, in fact, using ‘legalised highs’, as they are so termed.

Having spoken to a number of retired education professionals, I somewhat ashamedly told them: “I get frowned upon as all I had was a secondary school education.”

One replied: “Nothing wrong with that. A degree or two sometimes shows a better pedigree thinly disguised as something akin to an idiot.”

I confessed that I am proud to have been a Bell Tower student. At least we were given a thorough education and grounding on the essential subjects.

It’s always been a bonus to meet one surviving teacher who taught me, and her friend Mary, widow of my late geography teacher.

Keep up the good work Coun Hill. If I had been a teacher, I really do think I’d award you seven out of 10 marks.

Eric Allen