Many incidents for volunteers

We, who man the Coastguard Tower at Magdalene Fields, thank Mr Allen for adding to the ongoing story of coastguard presence in Berwick, (Berwick Advertiser, September 14).

Saturday, 30th September 2017, 09:00 am
Updated Friday, 29th September 2017, 16:20 pm

We, too, were concerned about the label of ‘Old Coastguard Tower’.

We are aware that there were watches kept at Sharpers Point, but these facilities were destroyed.

The tower that is now visible on the cliff tops was built in 1964, then abandoned in 1968/69 and allowed to become derelict, having at some point being used as a store facility for the golf club.

In 2002, Mayor L Wooler and his wife took on the responsibility of the tower. Through tender loving care, public donations and support of the Coastguard at Humber, the tower has been restored to working condition.

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The manning of the Watch Tower is by volunteers who call themselves Coastwatch.

We promote sea safety awareness to the general public who walk the coastline. Our desire is that they do so in safety and appreciate the efforts made by mariners who contribute so much to the United Kingdom.

We thank the organisers of the heritage weekend for including us in this event. It gave us the opportunity to make contact with passers-by who enjoy our coastline.

Almost 200 people came into the tower and were illuminated as to the life on our shore at the Watch Tower, a name given to us by the then Berwick council on our planning application forms. This is the name we would like to be known by.

At this location we have observed coastline erosion and would be instrumental in the relocation of the coastline boundary fence on part of the golf course.

At low tide we are able to observe seals who bask in the sun on the rocks. This can be a light relief of a holiday by visitors to this area.

We are a source of safe crossing times to Holy Island.

At the foot of this Watch Tower there is an interesting rock formation, which is hundreds of thousands years old. This has been surveyed several times by university students.

The Watch Tower has been involved in more than 100 incidents in our 15 years of manning it.

A silent overseeing of cockle pickers and visitors takes place for those who seek to spend time here. They can be ambushed by a rising tide, and we have helped people to safety.

The ongoing history of the Watch Tower is something we cherish and can see the value of; happy to share.

When the Union Flag is flying, the tower is manned and a warm welcome awaits our friends and visitors.

Thank you once again for Berwick Heritage Weekend, for if we do not look after our heritage it will disappear.

Leslie Wooler

Station Controller