Litter pick by River Tweed

Volunteers carried out a litter pick along the River Tweed in Berwick on Sunday.

Friday, 12th April 2019, 11:59 am
Volunteer litter pickers in Berwick.

It was organised by Sea the Change and supported by Berwick Town Council and other local groups such as Friends of the Little Pier Beach and Berwick Young Greens.

The event saw 17 people, including children, turning up to tackle the issue of litter along the Tweed.

From plastic bottles and crips packets to two bicycles and a living room rug, the group managed to remove a total of 148lbs of litter.

The event was a coordinated action taking place among the seven towns crossed by the Tweed, from Peebles to Berwick.

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“The most affected area was the part of the river near the A1,” said Juliana Amaral, executive director of Sea the Change.

Northumberland County Council collected the litter that was separated and deposited in the agreed collection point.

Juliana added: “Some people still think it is ok to throw litter on our streets. Events like this are aimed to raise awareness about the issue of plastic and other harmful debris that affect our rivers and beaches. We hope that through coordinated community action and social media reach, we can empower people to make small changes in reducing their plastic consumption, recycling and taking responsibility for their action on litter.”

Gareth Davies from Berwick Town Council expressed his support on social media: ‘Well done - huge respect to all involved!’

Sea the Change is currently working with local businesses and organisations to promote the Plastic Free Berwick-upon-Tweed Campaign. The campaign consists in three small changes around replacing single use plastics, the aim is to reduce and raise awareness of the issue of single plastic use in our community. For more information on how to be part of the campaign contact Juliana Amaral on