Lifeboat cover back at St Abbs by mid-summer

The order for a new lifeboat for St Abbs was placed last week and it should arrive in the harbour by mid-summer.

Thursday, 24th March 2016, 7:42 am
Paul Crowe and Euan Gibson have backed the campaign to bring a lifeboat back to St Abbs.

St Abbs has been without its own lifeboat since September last year when the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) decided to close the lifeboat station and provide cover for the area, popular with divers, from Eyemouth.

St Abbs residents and lifeboat crew fought the move but when it became clear they had lost the battle to retain the RNLI inshore rescue boat they set out to provide their own accredited independent lifeboat.

Within months the £400,000 needed to buy the lifeboat and crew equipment had been raised - with a £260,000 donation coming from Tunnock, of caramel wafer and teacakes fame - and organisers then started the serious job of sourcing a new boat.

They have gone for a nine metre inshore inflatable boat from Marine Specialised Technologies.

The company, based in Liverpool, manufacture boats for the military and have supplied search and rescue boats around the world.

Euan Gibson, announcing that the lifeboat had been ordered, said: “The crew and committee have been to the Liverpool factory and after testing it on the Mersey we settled on that design which we think will be perfect for the conditions at St Abbs.

“The crew are back in training, and their first aid training will be beyond the minimum training requirement tailored to deal with potential diving casualties.”

They are hoping the new lifeboat will be delivered to St Abbs by June or July.

Organisers held a public meeting in St Abbs last night to tell their supporters the good news that the harbour will have its own lifeboat again by the summer.