Lessons to be learned over digital signs

Digital noticeboards in Berwick town centre should be showing up-to-date information very soon.

Friday, 27th April 2018, 08:00 am
Electronic information board in Berwick

Berwick Town Council is in the process of changing the supplier.

Earlier this year, the signs were hacked, running up a huge data bill.

As a result, events from as far back as December were still being displayed.

The noticeboards were purchased with Portas funds after a campaign led by Berwick Deserves Better.

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Coun Karin Graham said she hoped lessons had been learned.

“At the time, this proposal was put to us as the prefect option despite concerns that were raised by many of us. I hope we take note that this should never happen again because there have been so many flaws.”

Coun Brian Douglas said: “Some of the adverts are showing up for January. It doesn’t stand us in very good stead.”

The debate ensued after Coun Alan Bowlas queried two payments to Landels Electrical amounting to £96.

Clerk Gareth Davies said: “When the digital signs were specified by another organisation, not this council, they were designed so they could only be switched on and off by an electrician. That’s clearly not a sensible way of operating and it has contributed to the problem we’ve had in managing the signs through the recent issues. It’s been an astonishing waste of money.”