Laura Kay is delighted with her first race time

I am very happy to be able to report back this week that not only did I run my 10k Race for Life, but I somehow scraped through in just under an hour '“ 58 minutes 22 seconds to be precise.

Friday, 15th July 2016, 11:25 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 16:28 pm

I have so little race experience, I was not sure what to expect and told myself I’d be happy with any time under one hour 15 minutes, so I was delighted with myself managing the sub-hour time – even if I did resemble a tomato by the end.

In part I have the route to thank for my time, which followed a meandering route around Newcastle Town Moor, taking in two laps of the 5k Race for Life course.

It is a nice, flat route, mainly on paths, although as some of the ‘path’ could best be described as uneven gravelled mud, I was glad I had plenty of practice taking in alternative terrains around Berwick.

In hindsight I wonder if I could have pushed myself that bit quicker on some of the sections, but it is so difficult to judge whether pushing harder earlier on will, in fact, just result in me running out of steam altogether towards the end.

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As it was, I kept a steady pace the whole way round, and enjoyed setting myself mini goals, such as catching the person just in front of me – although, I have no doubt plenty of others were following a similar mind-set as its safe to say I was overtaken a good few times too.

We were lucky with the weather in that it stayed dry, but it was very muggy.

I was grateful for the occasional blast of breeze, which temporarily made breathing that bit harder, but cooled me down and helped stave off a pressure headache.

Throughout my training I have found I struggle in warmer weather and have always hit my best times on cool days.

Like most people, I am longing for summer to arrive, but if that does ever happen I wonder what effect it will have on my Great North Run training.

Scarily the Great North Run is now only nine weeks away – and while I am proud and pleased with my 10k achievement, it has also highlighted to me how far I have yet to go.

For now, however, I plan to treat myself to a short period of celebrating my achievement – and if you would like to do the same by making a donation to Cancer Research you can do so online at

My celebrations will, of course, be short lived and training will be resumed again soon so I feel prepared come September.

If you would like to donate to the Alzheimer’s Society to support my Great North Run challenge you can contribute online at

If you would prefer to give a cash donation, these will be accepted at The Curfew – just pop in and ask for my sponsorship form.