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David Taylor is an award-winning professional photographer, based in Hexham, who specialises in landscape and travel work.

Monday, 1st October 2018, 9:00 am

His clients include the National Park, Countryfile and Hadrian’s Wall.

In a talk illustrated with his own pictures, David spoke to Wooler and District Camera Club on the subject of light, entitled The Light Fantastic, which is the basis of all photography.

Using views over his home town – all taken from the same location at different times of day – he showed how pictures of the same subject can convey different effects to the viewer.

Lighting from the side at dawn and dusk can be used to add depth and a three-dimensional effect.

Overhead lighting at noon can give a softer, more benign look.

And time-lapse multiple exposures can be used to create dramatic tracery of both moving traffic and heavenly bodies.

David commented that in his experience most photographers get attracted to water, either on the Earth or in the sky.

Streams, waterfalls, sea and clouds “get us all eventually”, he said.

In Northumberland there is no shortage of fantastic locations – castles on the coast, hills and valleys, historic remains, dark skies and vibrant cityscapes.

David summed up by giving his audience the following advice – get up early, be prepared to walk, and be ready to get your feet wet.

The next meeting of Wooler and District Camera Club will be a competition evening.

All are welcome to attend on October 4, at 7.30pm, in the Glendale Hall, Wooler.