Latest news from Seahouses WI

The meeting of North Sunderland and Seahouses Women's Institute was held in the social club on Tuesday, March 1 '“ spring.

Sunday, 13th March 2016, 8:00 am

It was the evening of our March meeting when we had a good turnout of members, and there was a list of interesting items for the agenda.

First was our guest speaker, Mr Graham Ambrose, who brought his wood-turning lathe, together with a varied selection of chisels, waxes, unusual looking tools and a range of his finished objects.

Mr Ambrose also had a small selection of different woods and explained the best uses from them, and he brought a good range of bowls and dishes, beautifully finished. These were passed around, along with some tools, giving us an idea as to their individual uses

Mr Ambrose demonstrated for us the many uses of the lathe and his tools. He made a “dibble” for the garden and a delightful small acorn.

We were all enthralled and as quiet as mice – everybody seems to enjoy watching other people work.

Mrs Eileen Braidford gave the vote of thanks. The competition, a wooden object, was won by Mrs Braidford, Mrs Brenda Tinker and Mrs Pat Hewitt.

Refreshments were served, which gave us all a chance to closely look at the two finished wooden objects and to also browse through all the other small items Mr Ambrose had brought along with him.

The minutes of the previous meeting were then read out and approved. Correspondence was also read.

The spring council meeting is to be held on April 9 at the Royal Grammar School. There was a list of the courses to be held at Denman College. In June there will be a visit to Kirkharle, the 18th century courtyard containing many crafts.

Three chemistry days are planned for April and May. There will also be a street party at Stannington Village Hall celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday, Down Your Way at Earsdon, and a demonstration of spring planters at Heighley Gate Nursery and Garden Centre near Morpeth on Saturday, April 23.

Mrs Minto advised us that the Holocaust Memorial Project at the middle school is coming along very well.

Buttons have been collected and an archway has been created in the corridor made from them. Each pupil completed a jigsaw with information about a child who had died in the Holocaust. These pieces were fitted together to complete a class jigsaw. Our WI gave boxes of buttons, but more are required to complete the project. The WI also gave a see-through container to enable people to see just what 15,000 buttons look like.

Our next meeting will be our annual meeting when we will have Ms Brenda Houlison as our advisor. The date will be April 5 and the competition is to be a pretty plate.

Our next pub lunch will be at the White Swan, Warenford, on Saturday, April 2, at 12.30pm.