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Last Thursday evening Wooler Camera Club members were treated to a fascinating presentation entitled A Passion for Nature, given by Phil Mclean, a semi-professional photographer from Berwickshire.

Wednesday, 20th April 2016, 8:00 am

With more than 200 images in the programme, the subjects included gannets collecting seaweed for their nests, otters, red squirrels, barn owls hunting in daylight, familiar garden birds, as well as feathers, fungi, leaves and grasses.

All were captured in the finest detail and revealed the infinite variety of colour and form in creatures and plants that we see every day and tend to take for granted.

The importance of avoiding distracting backgrounds from images was emphasised. This ensures that the subject matter stands out and is clearly the focus of the picture.

All of the photographs were taken within a 50-mile radius of Phil Mclean’s home at Chirnside.

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Many were taken in his own garden, showing that travel to exotic places is not necessary in order to find subjects and take spectacular images.

Phil has won awards for his photographs nationally and locally, and his work has appeared in many books, magazines and on calendars.

His ‘Passion for Nature’ certainly rubbed off on the very appreciative audience, and inspired the members to look much more closely at the commonplace when next out with their cameras.