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On Sunday, February 28, after the morning service, from 11am to noon, there will be a soup and sandwich lunch, and then some of our members will share their virtuosity.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 26 February, 2016, 08:00

This may be a short ditty or poem, a musical performance, two Siamese cats swinging their tails, or a chance to sing old wartime and pub songs together.

After a short break for tea and cake, the drama group will take to the stage to present a farce entitled The Church Meeting.

A bunch of over-the-top parishioners (Glenshoogle) meet to welcome the new minister and his wife with hilarious results.

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There is no charge, but donations are very welcome. Any money taken will be divided between church funds and our current year-long sponsorship of the Build A House initiative, which aims to raise enough money to build at least one earthquake-proof house in Nepal.

The life of our church is more than Sunday services and our family of members have many varied talents so please do come along and enjoy the fun and fellowship.

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