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Following on from our Christmas festivities, our vice president Judith Stephenson opened our meeting and welcomed all present.

Monday, 30th January 2017, 8:00 am

The season’s colds and flu seemed to have taken a toll on our members, but we did have seven visitors who had come along to join us.

Our evening commenced with a lion and tiger strolling in, half asleep and throwing coconuts and bananas at each other, lumbering about to the tune of the Bare Necessities of Life.

Then they became lively, pranced about, and asked the audience to join in by stamping and clapping to the tune of Colonel Hath’s March, by which time everybody was happy and laughing.

Zorba the Greek followed, with all able-bodied women joining in and almost collapsing at the end.

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Welcome refreshments followed, and the minutes of the previous meeting, held in December 2016, were read and approved.

Next month, February 7, will be our Birthday Party and arrangements were made regarding visitors and refreshments, and the children from the middle school will be entertaining us.

The main item on our agenda was the Resolutions. These were discussed in length as there were six. It was resolved that we would vote No. 6, Plastics in our Oceans, as being the most important.

Our treasurer gave us a satisfactory report.

Future events include the final of the darts and dominoes competition to be held at the Ridley Arms, and the annual spring council meeting in April, which will be held at the Royal Grammar School – always very interesting.

Arrangements are in hand for the annual meeting and the group meeting. Details will be announced at a later date.

Finally, a bouquet was presented to our long-standing member Sheila Young as she has been a member for 50 years.

She also won the competition for an item beginning with ‘J’.

The raffle was won by Carol Phillips, Judith Stephenson and Elaine Godber.

As mentioned above, our 93rd Birthday Party will be held on February 7. Do come along and join in the fun and good entertainment. All welcome.