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The opening of our meeting was delayed due to Windows insisting on updating itself. This proved to be an ideal opportunity for our chairman Christopher Hull to ask for a little Welsh entertainment.

Sunday, 16th April 2017, 12:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 19:30 pm

Unusually, David Morgan chose to talk of The Grudge, a book by Tom English, the subject matter not including Wales, but about Scotland versus England in 1990. Rugby Union it was, and most entertaining.

After Windows had completed its task, our chairman opened the meeting. He informed us that there were no birthdays this month and asked secretary Fraser Suffield, and treasurer Forbes Grant, to report.

Both reported satisfactory situations, although our secretary reported that we still had room for more members.

It was also reported that Seahouses Bowling Club was wishing to increase its membership. The club plays at the sports ground by the Hub.

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We were then introduced to Isobel Gordon, who gave us a splendid talk entitled The Black Death – A General Overview.

Her talk commenced with the outbreaks of the plague in Scotland in the 14th century, and told how the name ‘Black Death’ relates only to the plague outbreak in the middle of the 14th century. Her talk ranged from the Justinian plague of the fourth century to outbreaks in Victorian Britain, and covered the three different forms of the plague.

She also pointed out that the black rat is unfairly blamed for the spread of the disease when it is actually spread by the fleas that infest the rats.

Thanks for a splendidly interesting and fact-packed talk were given by Ian Wilkinson.