Latest news from Seahouses Probus Club

The latest meeting of Seahouses Probus Club was opened by our chairman Tony Willis, who welcomed our guests.

Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 9:00 am

He called for apologies for absence, and reminded us that it was “the fourth of July”.

Both our secretary Fraser Suffield and our treasurer Forbes Grant were called to give their reports, both of which detailed satisfactory conduct of their respective offices.

However, our secretary once more voiced his concerns regarding the reduced membership. He said that anyone who wished to join our august body should approach an existing member, or ring Fraser on 01665 576236.

The anticipated speaker was unable to come to give their talk for personal reasons, and the next speaker, who had initially agreed to stand in for him, discovered that she had not only to cancel her kind offer, but also to heap further secretarial woe on the speaking programme by cancelling her original engagement.

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However, our chairman leapt in to save the day and gave a talk on The History Of South Africa.

This talk told of the formation of South Africa from a mix of inhabitants who did not always live happily together and treated each other quite badly. They came from throughout Africa and Europe.

The talk was fascinating and gave members a real feeling of the difficulties of living through the growth of a country which is still has some way to develop.

Tony’s obvious love of the country shone through, illuminating the talk with reminiscences from his life there.

The vote of thanks was given by Roger Howell for a much enjoyed, entertaining and instructive talk.

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday, August 1.