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Norham Women's Institute met in the Village Hall for the September meeting after the August break.

Wednesday, 26th September 2018, 09:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 11:01 am

In August we were visited by the Coldstream Riders. The 90 riders looked very magnificent and smart, and made the village look quite spectacular as it was a lovely, sunny day.

While the horses rested on the Green, the riders had tea in the Hall, provided by the Norham ladies.

President Margaret Jeffrey welcomed everyone, and after apologies and minutes, dates for your diary were announced.

These included photography, art, sugar craft, a scarecrow competition, dominoes, willow reindeer making, a beetle drive and the carol service, which will be held in Newcastle Cathedral this year, instead of Hexham Abbey.

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Jan La’gent then reminded us that she needs the knitted poppies to make the cascade, which will be displayed around the village.

Ruth, from Berwick, then gave us a talk on her visit to Cardiff, where she attended the annual general meeting.

Speakers at the meeting included the newsreader Huw Edwards and Stella Rimington, head of MI5.

The resolution, which covered mental health issues, was passed by 98 per cent. In the past members have voted for issues including equal pay, climate change, FGM, and many others.

One of our past resolutions to End Plastic Soup was discussed in Parliament on July 4 this year. The WI called upon the Government to end micro-plastic soup pollution. Research partners and businesses must be made aware of the environmental impact of the textile industry and develop solutions to the micro-plastic challenge.

The WI has 220,000 members so we have a huge voice.

Then it was the turn of our speakers, Eileen Turnbull and her daughter-in-law Lisa, two charming ladies who talked about feeling good inside and out.

Eileen talked about food nutrition and the importance of ‘Builders, Warmers and Protectors’.

She advised us to cut down on sugar, fat and fizzy drinks, eat well and exercise to keep fit.

Then the lovely Lisa made up one of ladies with the cosmetics she had brought and advised us how to look after our skin so we will all stay beautiful.

The next meeting is our AGM and will begin with a pie and pea lunch.