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At the June meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club Mrs Jean McClure entertained us with a demonstration of Stricktly Jeanious.

Tuesday, 12th July 2016, 08:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 18:41 pm

She began by using a black urn with nine small garden canes placed horizontally round the oasis. Pink midelino sticks were woven between the canes, which were then removed. This was the ‘jeanious’ bit.

Round the edge she placed dark heuchera leaves, and large ivy leaves towards the centre. Three types of grasses – china, lily and bear – were hand-tied and placed in the centre. Pink calla lilies rested on the woven shape, with pink carnations between them and in the top, pink cornflowers beside the grasses and through the foliage, and small pink carnations.

Next up was a silver boat-shaped dish with a container in the middle.

Photinia was placed round the oasis, with bits over the edge. Spiraea and periwinkle were put through the design. Hosta leaves were added, then yellow roses over the edge in varying lengths and in the centre. Small yellow gerberas and spray carnations in yellow/orange completed the design.

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For her third design, she used a tall wooden structure, with containers at the top and bottom.

Large bergenia leaves and hosta leaves were used, with copper beech round the base. Beech was put against the wood, with lilac gladioli at varying heights. A purple allium was in front, with carnations and lavender amongst the foliage. A smaller arrangement was placed at the top.

A tall Perspex tube, with bright green strips of plastic, had containers at the top and base.

Copper beech pieces were placed to hang from the top, with rubus and contorted hazel. A tall grass was put in the top, and bergenia leaves in the bottom. White gladioli were placed beside the grass and, sticking forward, lime green carnations were added. The design was completed with cupressus and Cappucino roses.

Mrs Prudence Marks gave the vote of thanks for a most enjoyable demonstration.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, July 27, when Mrs Lizzie Harrat will entertain us with Summertime Pleasures, in Whittingham Memorial Institute, at 7.30pm.