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At the June meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club Mildred Stafford entertained us with a demonstration on the theme of Sun-Kissed Summer Days.

Monday, 16th July 2018, 09:00 am

Each of her designs reminded us of various things to do with summer.

She began with one to represent an English country garden.

Using a large grey urn, and doing a triangular design, she placed a variety of foliage for the outline. This included spotted laurel, bergenia leaves, eucalyptus and some grey foliage.

To this she added some large pink lilies, a pale pink hydrangea head in the centre, pale pink peonies, green carnations, pale pink roses, stocks and gerberas.

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To display it, she had another one of the same design, which was placed below.

The next design was on the theme of the seashore.

This was done in a large piece of curved driftwood, with shells, stones and a sculpture made from shells placed beside the container.

Some bleached twigs were placed upright in the centre, with pale green and cream hosta leaves, bergenia and fatsia leaves round the edge.

Large, pale peach chrysanthemums were placed through the foliage, with four tall ones beside the twigs. Foxtail lilies and peach roses were grouped vertically beside the twigs.

More foliage was added, including photinia, osmanthus and dark heuchera leaves.

Cream gerberas, grouped at the side, finished off the design, which was displayed with a smaller, similar one in front of it.

Wimbledon was the theme for the third design.

Using a round, glass dish, three curled phormium leaves were put in at varying heights down the middle.

Curled aspidistra leaves were grouped at one side, fatsia leaves over the edge, lime green hostas in the centre and some variegated bergenia leaves.

Beside the phormium, large green chrysanthemums were placed at varying heights in a vertical line, with green carnations at one side, and green roses at the other.

Some pieces of choisya and ivy were put in amongst the other foliage. There were also some lime anthuriums, and pieces of alchemilla mollis.

And two green tennis balls were added to complete the display.

This design was placed on a tall, glass vase, which contained more tennis balls, and a similar design was positioned at the bottom.

For her fourth design, which represented sailing, Mildred had an oval, grey dish, which looked like a boat.

She put in grey, sprayed aspidistra leaves, folded over and pinned to the oasis.

She then added hellebore leaves around the edge, two red sticks upright for the masts, and gypsophila over the leaves.

Beside the sticks were placed delphiniums, with pieces of juniper, senecio and large ivy leaves used to fill in.

A variety of flowers, including lavender freesia, eryngiums, white roses, cream gerberas and a white hydrangea head, were used to complete the design.

A smaller white ‘boat’, with a similar design, was placed alongside the finished piece.

Finally, for the last demonstration of the meeting, a metal bowl with a circle of twigs on a metal stand was the container for a hot, tropical island themed design.

Strelitzia leaves were placed horizontally, with the flowers in the centre.

Large fatsia leaves were arranged upright around the flowers, with bergenia leaves and green laurel pieces through the design.

Orange roses, anthuriums and cerise gerberas were added, with pieces of variegated ivy, hosta leaves with a lime green edge, and some golden cupressus to complete it.

Another similar design was placed on a tall, metal stand, with a large giraffe situated beside it.

Pru Marks gave the vote of thanks on our behalf for a wonderful demonstration, with beautiful flowers, perfect for a summer’s evening.

The next meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club is on Wednesday, July 25, when Vanessa Wellock with entertain us with a demonstration themed around All In A Day’s Work.

The meeting will be held at Whittingham Memorial Institute, at 7.30pm. Visitors welcome, £5.