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The speaker at our February meeting was our well-travelled member, Sally Hardie.

Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, 8:00 am

With interesting slides, she took us on a journey from New York to Canada. The scenery of the Rockies was breathtaking, along with the ‘white out’ experienced during their small plane excursion. Between the Rockies and Vancouver they passed through a small town, which had hit rock bottom economically.

The residents came up with an innovative idea of creating enormous artistic murals depicting their life in better times. These works of art certainly had the desired effect of drawing in tourists and putting their town back on the map.

Sally, a remarkable lady only a few months shy of the big 90, was even game for a bit of white water rafting.

Our competition for an item beginning with the letter ‘K’ was won by Ann Easton for her book of knots, and Cath Wright took second place with her bag of curly kale.

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Horncliffe Show day was not blessed with good weather. Stoically, our president and secretary battled through torrential rain, then heavy sleet, to make it to the village hall with our entries. But it was worth the effort as Berwick WI was only a point behind the joint winners in the club section.