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We were invited to a very enjoyable party with Belford WI.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 16 May, 2016, 12:00

Norham WI then hosted the annual Borders/Flodden group meeting, to which 17 of our members attended.

Norham had arranged the most interesting speaker, Julia Soares-McCormick, an expert in Renaissance costumes, who had brought along dressed mannequins and explained their dress and how to make the outfits.

Prior to the French Revolution, Paris was the centre for fashion, but during those unsettled times London became the fashion capital of the world.

In 1790 the first knickers were worn under clothing. Initially, they were only two tubes of fabric, tied separately to the waist.

Simple morning dresses, worn indoors, were replaced in the afternoon with slightly more ornate promenade gowns with detachable sleeves, depending on weather conditions.

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White became popular as the colour for evening wear, with lilac or pink for young women.

The more mature ladies wore darker colours.

Julia also had examples of headgear and small bags. The ‘reticule’ was known as the ‘ridicule bag’ as it was so easily stolen.

Her husband Mick, dressed in traditional attire, enhanced Julia’s talk with some interesting photographs.

Joy Lamb won the corsage competition and the evening came to a close with an appetising supper.