Latest news from Berwick WI

The March meeting took the form of a spring lunch at The Grill On The Hill and was enjoyed by all.

Thursday, 3rd May 2018, 1:00 pm

Later in the month three members attended one of the country’s WI centenary birthday parties in the Breamish Hall at Powburn.

The federation chairman welcomed everyone and members of the board of trustees gave a presentation about each decade from 1918 to 2018. This was followed by a toast and a slice of birthday cake.

In April Lynn Joyce gave a talk and demonstration on the Benefits Of Ballet To All.

She began with the quote: “Ballet brings with it tremendous benefits in terms of health and emotional wellbeing.”

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She then encouraged us to join in with some gentle exercises. Ballet keeps us fit and does wonders for posture, which is important in staying healthy.

Ruth Le Feaux gave the vote of thanks.

After refreshments Ruth gave her report from the Spring Council Meeting where plans and dates were given for future events. Our national chairman Lynne Stubbings was a welcome visitor to that meeting.

Mrs J Hamblett’s miniature cake was first in the competition, and Mrs S Renton’s clown came second.

We are having a Chocolate Tombola stall at the Riding Of The Bounds Fair in St Cuthbert’s Hall on Saturday, May 5.

Names were taken for the Flodden Group meeting and the evening ended with the raffle.