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The art groups are going well.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 21 February, 2016, 12:00

They are using a modelling compound and Polyfilla to show rocks and mountains. Both ingredients dry well and accept paint.

The sewing of the U3A Banner is completed and the tapestry group can concentrate on making progress with its own choice of work. The group meets on Friday, February 26.

Due to Easter being at the end of March, there is a change of dates when the meetings for Art at the Maltings will be – Monday, February 22, and Monday, March 21.

The next open day will be on Monday, March 7, when the speaker will be Anne Horne, whose talk is Date palms and land mines in the Promised Land.

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At this month’s U3A discussion group some 10 members discussed the impact of immigration on our English/British way of life. Was immigration a good thing or was our way of life under threat, or indeed was it now too late?

We discussed why immigrants/refugees wanted to come here. Was it for work, for benefits, did immigrants take “our” jobs, or are some immigrant groups good and others bad?

A wide range of views were given and a lively discussion was had.