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Our visit to Eyemouth began with a guided tour in the museum led by well-informed Christine and Jenny.

Sunday, 18th June 2017, 9:00 am

Although fishing has always been the main occupation in Eyemouth, historically our guides showed us through exhibits and dialogue that coopers, wheelrights, blacksmiths and farming were also an integral part of local life.

A reproduction kitchen, complete with blackened range, clippy mat and fishing nets, explained the strenuous life of the fishermen’s wives.

A section of tapestries demonstrated the fateful disaster of October 14, 1881, when 129 men were lost trying to sail into harbour on a difficult ebb tide.

The new poignant Widows And Bairns memorial that we walked around to next emphasised the scale of the loss to families in Eyemouth.

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A delicious fish and chip lunch in Mackays restaurant reinvigorated us for our next point of call in Gunsgreen House.

Famous for John Nesbitt’s tea smuggling activities, members had fun dressing up in the provided smugglers’ fancy dress for a photo shoot.

Our next get together is on Monday, July 3, at 11am, in Tweedmouth Bowling Club. New members very welcome.