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A tasty lunch awaited us on our arrival at the East Fortune Museum of Flight.

Monday, 25th June 2018, 09:00 am

In the hangar adjoining the café we were able to go aboard the iconic Concorde. We were allowed to travel in our Berwickshire Wheels minibus between the widely spaced hangars, ably assisted by driver Bob Wallum.

The Fantastic Flight Museum explained how aeroplane manufacture developed through the ages from early wood and coated fabric to present day carbon fibre which is strong, lightweight and doesn’t deteriorate.

Also on view was the MYTH TOO Piper Comanche, which Sheila Scott flew around the world in 1966, setting the world record at 33 days.

The military aviation hangar was particularly interesting, complete with a disabled-friendly lift to the viewing balcony, which overlooked a selection of planes from the first synchronised machine gun Sopwith of 1914 to the Hawker Siddeley Harrier jump jet.

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Included was an unusually extra long-nosed Whitworth Meteor, so designed to house radar for night fighter vision, and, of course, the invincible Spitfire, plus the innovative Tornado Swing Wing, whose wings moved forward to provide extra lift at low speeds and backwards for supersonic flight. We finished our tour in the civil aviation hangar, which housed a variety of machines, from auto-gyros and gliders up to an impressive Britten Norman Islander, immaculate in its Scottish Ambulance Service livery in tribute to its important role.

A truly poignant afternoon.