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Ten members of the family of Berwick Chartered Accountant Stuart Faed ended up as famous artists, and that could be unrivalled.

Saturday, 30th April 2016, 12:00 pm

Guest speaker at Berwick Rotary Club on Tuesday, he told of the detailed research he has traced back to 1704.

He knows that the family go right back to the ancient Celts.

He began delving into the history at the age of 16 when he came to Scotland from South Africa.

He discovered the great success of the artists, one of whom was a member of the Royal Academy, and they have exhibited at some of the finest galleries in England and Scotland.

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Their achievements were remarkable and he is very proud.

The Faed links with Dumfries, Galloway and Edinburgh are particularly strong.

One of the family invented a successful engraving machine.

Another, James Faed Jr, suffered a stroke, but it did not stop him and he continued to produce work of a high standard using his mouth.

Mr Faed has been booked as one of the principal speakers at the Berwick Literary Festival in October.

President Chris Budzynski welcomed a group of visitors from the Eyemouth Rotary Club.