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Berwick should bring people back into Berwick town centre by using existing properties.

Monday, 5th June 2017, 9:00 am

Mr Jim Herbert, curator of Berwick Museum and guest speaker at the Rotary Club on Tuesday, felt the town would never return to the days of the 1950s to 1970s when it was a bustling place.

At that time the market and the local shops were important and there was none of the technology from which evolved the growth of out of town shopping.

The whole dynamic has changed but it was necessary to bring people back to the central area.

Traffic was still increasing and there were too many cars for the spaces provided.

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There was no easy answer but thought must be given to traffic management.

One-way traffic systems should be created and efforts made to allow Berwick’s pedestrians to live in a better place.

The shops, which had been created in recent years, were out of town but it was a felt that shops went to areas where the people were.