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Berwick Community Reading Group celebrated its 25th birthday reunion this week at The Limoncello restaurant in Berwick.

Saturday, 9th April 2016, 8:00 am

Over the years, members have reviewed more than 300 books and evaluated favourite characters, plot, beginning, middle, endings dialogue and viewpoint, and given each one a score.

The library provided the books and we have enjoyed evaluating and criticising them all, which has been a wonderful experience.

The group reminisced on the early days when it was first set up in 1991 by Maureen Raper as an extension to the already established writing group.

It has been popular ever since, with membership being consistent.

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In the early days the group used the library as a meeting place, which was then situated in an upstairs room in Marygate, Berwick.

When it was moved to Church Street, Berwick, there was little room, so members decided to meet in each other’s houses. Some members travelled all over Northumberland to meet up with their reading group, until foot and mouth disease struck the county.

They then decided to cut down on travel and use local hotels to meet up.

Eventually, when the new library in Walkergate was completed, the staff made the group welcome and it has been ever since.

Although reading is a leisure activity, the learning and the knowledge it instils is incalculable.

It is an excellent way to improve literary skills and can enrich our mental and physical and health. It creates friendship and improves our relationship by understanding other cultures and learning to empathise.

The words, “Friendship is a book”, cannot be disputed.

Maureen Raper, who runs the reading group and the creative writing group, can be contacted by email to