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A Himalayan trek, which took him 5,600m up to a Mount Everest base camp, was the highlight of a sabbatical to Nepal for the Rev Dennis Handley, Vicar of Berwick.

Saturday, 6th February 2016, 12:00 pm

The small country, devastated by an earthquake, is populated by a hard-working and hospitable people, and 90 per cent of the economy of its picturesque Kathmandu is based on tourism.

Guest speaker at Berwick Probus Club on Wednesday, the vicar said it had gone through major change and he would love to return. His eldest daughter has already visited Nepal.

His talk included slides of the mountains, the Kathmandu valley, Buddhist and Hindu temples, pagodas and the mountain routes. He described the main airport as the world’s most difficult to fly into or out from.

Nepal has retained its culture and identity and rated the British among its favourite tourists.

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Mr Handley recalled the difficulty of becoming acclimatised to the very high altitudes reached on the climb to Everest, and his slides of the highest mountain in the world were excellent.