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Antarctica presented club member Ken Lamb with a 'marvellous feeling' after he and his wife had cruised aboard the clipper '˜Adventure' on a holiday inspired by the astonishing trek by Sir Ernest Shackleton, which began in 1914 and ended with him and his 25 colleagues being rescued at South Georgia.

Saturday, 16th April 2016, 8:00 am

Guest speaker at Berwick Probus Club on Wednesday, Mr Lamb showed a selection of slides taken as they visited the islands and sailed the often-vicious seas.

Mr Lamb said he had always admired the heroism and skill of Shackleton, and told colleagues of the thrill of seeing an albatross with its 6ft wingspan fly right over their heads, passing a 100m-long iceberg, among the many they viewed, and watching penguins galore in the winter and the snow and ice-covered land.

The wildlife was incredible and had the right of way on the continent.

The 90 people on the boat took the opportunity to board the powerful little zodials, which took them to see spectacular sights.

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Their first islands were the Falklands, before they travelled south to follow much of the route taken by Shackleton and his men.

One of the features of the cruise taken by the Lambs was drifting among the icy seas in complete silence.

Journey’s end came as they returned to spend Christmas in Santiago, the capital of Chile.

Secretary George Martin confirmed the club would be visiting RAF Boulmer this month, Manderston House in late May or early June, and the Farm Museum at North Charlton in September.

The annual dinner will be in October.