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Within the next 10 years there will be computers with almost the capacity of the human brain.

Saturday, 6th August 2016, 12:00 pm

The prediction was made by high technology expert Mr Dave Holland, guest speaker at Berwick Probus Club on Wednesday.

He told members progress had been remarkable and alarming.

He traced the history of computers back more than 200 years and stressed the progress that had been achieved since the 1970s when he joined the Semi Conductors Division of the world famous firm of Philips.

It was Charles Babbage who invested mechanical difference, as well as George Boole and Augustus De Morgan. They put down the building blocks, and in 1870 the first Tabulator appeared. By the 1930s mechanical computers were in use.

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By 1944 a valve computer was in action, and Alan Turing, at Bletchley Park Centre, had much to do with the steady development.

The importance of silicon in the 1960s was a key feature in the story, and Mr Holland clearly explained subjects like the study of transistor modelling, software programme language, photo lithography and silicon wafers.

He used a series of slides in a stimulating talk.