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Graham Bell, an international expert on birds, gave an excellent talk to Berwick Probus Club about a trip to Siberia, where he achieved his dream of being the first person to photograph a ross gull on its nest.

Sunday, 4th February 2018, 08:00 am

Having tackled tough journeys, climbed hills and cliffs and trekked through miles of tundra, a journey of a few miles from his North Northumberland home to Berwick Parish Centre should have been simple.

Flooding in the Wooler area delayed him first, then the perpetual difficulty of finding a parking space slowed him again, but he arrived safely to show a series of slides on rare birds, and equally rare plants, on the North East tip of a place under snow for many months of the year.

Mr Bell, who wrote a very popular weekly column for the Advertiser for years, is also a noted lecturer.

He has given 137 lectures in seven continents and led teams to view the wildlife in Antarctica.

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Describing the countryside of Siberia, he said the biggest problem of all was the mosquito.

His determination to see as much as possible was very successful, especially to reach the ross gull nesting area.