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Two of the 400 gurus involved in the latest technological development G5 about to sweep the world gave Berwick Probus Club a remarkable glimpse into the future on Wednesday.

Monday, 23rd April 2018, 9:00 am

Darren Thompson, from Berwick, and colleague Owen Rodden, who had driven from Perth that morning, explained how the system makes communication ‘nice and easy’ and it embodies an amplification of what has gone before.

It will help the police, ambulance and fire service as well as stores and offices and it will be super fast.

The speakers are with O2, the smallest of the firms which are moving forward rapidly in making more public services more accessible. They said that people who feel isolated will benefit from it. The conveniences of life would be so much quicker and the potential of G5 was huge.

They believe that costs for businesses will be lowered and it was largely about what shops will do for the customer. There was little doubt that jobs will change.

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After the talk, Darren and Owen answered a wide range of questions.

It was confirmed that Probus now has a new vice-chairman, Homer Lindsay. He was thanked by chairman Michael Wright.