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The Lauders of Edrington and the Bass were the subtext chosen by distinguished historian Gregory Lauder-Frost when he spoke to Berwick Probus Club on Wednesday.

Monday, 30th April 2018, 9:00 am

For many years the Lauders were the keepers of Berwick Castle and the family were at Edrington Castle, Foulden for 600 years.

Their Bass estate included the Bass Rock, their role in Berwick’s history was very important. He was paid as custodian and governor of the castle almost to the very end, when again in 1482 it was once again besieged by the English and this time Hepburn surrendered on August 24. Berwick, then the third largest Scottish port, was again in English hands and has remained as such since.

Its role as a port gradually declined as the city of Newcastle, already an important coal shipping centre built a huge business.

During the Lauders’ time at Berwick Castle they carried out repairs and held the esteem of the Scottish Royal Family.

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In 1331, Robert De Lawdre was the keeper of the Scottish Marches, custodian of the castle at a fee of £33.65.4p. He received a further payment for being Sheriff of Berwick.

He also took part in a King’s Council meeting in Berwick held by Robert the Bruce in 1323. It was in the 13th century that they became owners of Edrington, its castle and mill.