Latest news from Berwick Inner Wheel

The first meeting of 2018 of the Inner Wheel got off to a great start.

Saturday, 3rd February 2018, 08:00 am

We received a visit from the district treasurer Margaret Moore, who was welcomed by the club’s president Marjorie Hardie.

She also welcomed seven new members, along with three guests.

We had a very informative talk by Marion Long, of The Children’s Foundation, which was set up in the North East in the 1990s to help the health and wellbeing of children.

Sadly, the North East’s children have the poorest health in the country.

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Ms Long went on to explain ‘The Clown Doctors’, who visit hospitals and take part in artistic play. Their aim is to relieve the children of the fear and insecurities of hospital.

Last year The Children’s Foundation directly helped, was involved in or affected the lives of 29,500 children across the North East.

It supports and manages projects across a broad spectrum of activities, particularly those that deal with some of the more difficult areas of children’s and young people’s problems, such as disability, disadvantages and mental issues.

One of the projects, which has been commented on by a national mental health charity, found that introducing just five people to gardening as a therapy could save the state £35,000 a year in the costs of medication and healthcare – imagine the difference this can make to children of the North East suffering mental health problems at an early age.

It also encourages disadvantaged children to pursue careers in horticulture, and awards are given to celebrate their achievements.

Fund-raising goes on to support this worthwhile cause.

There are also regional small grants of up to £1,000 available to help with new projects that could be set up within the parameters of helping people who may suffer and require support.

The funds are available via The Children’s Foundation

The next meeting of Berwick Inner Wheel will take place on Monday, February 12, at the Black and Gold. This will be a business meeting.

The ladies of Berwick Inner Wheel recently celebrated the Inner Wheel Women’s International Day by holding a coffee morning at the Cobbled Yard Hotel.

Funds were raised to help buy personal hygiene items for women in India, supporting the PAD campaign, which highlights the problem women have, particularly in rural areas, in accessing the basic items they require on a monthly cycle.