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Monday, 19th February 2018, 08:00 am

It’s fair to assume no one felt any regrets at having braved the sub-freezing conditions to attend our January meeting, especially once Derek Sharman MBE got into his stride on the subject of Promoting Berwick Through Its History And Heritage.

The splendidly illustrated presentation took in just about every facet of Berwick’s cultural and culinary inheritance, including the famous walls, and with salmon and ‘silver darlings’ (herrings) often to the fore, but there was also a warning against complacency.

In the Berwick 900 year of 2015, without Mr Sharman’s writing of letters to people able to save it, the town almost certainly would have lost its priceless fishery – the only continuous aspect of its existence throughout all those centuries.

The tri-town with four populations (‘Berwickers’, ‘Spitallers’, ‘Greens’s Arabs’ and ‘Twempies’) is unique in having a mayor who wears the purple of a Scottish provost, rather than the scarlet of his English counterparts.

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Another thing to mention is that Berwick is ideal for cruise ship visitors since arrival by water makes for an excellent day-trip, even though pods of dolphins can’t always be guaranteed to escort boats as they come in.

There is a greater-than-usual sense of anticipation surrounding our February 21 meeting as we look forward to welcoming television presenter John Grundy to talk on From Castles To Cowsheds: The Range And Variety Of Buildings In Berwick And North Northumberland. Charge for non-members £2 on the door.