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Our programme for 2018 gets under way with literature and history.

Saturday, 13th January 2018, 8:00 am

Richard Moore begins tomorrow (Friday) with a talk on The Poetry Of The Garden.

What is more evocative of peace and tranquillity than a garden? Yet, what too has such ambiguous associations?

The Garden of Eden was invaded by the serpent. The Garden of Gethsemane is a place of betrayal. In Chaucer’s Franklin’s Tale a fateful temptation is induced in one.

And yet, where would we be without gardens? Are they not often quite beautiful? Is it not better to remember that the Roman goddess Flora was thought literally to breathe pretty flowers?

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In this session with Dr Moore, we shall look at a range of poems connected with gardens, and also look at some of the myths and legends associated with them.

It will be held in Berwick Voluntary Centre, Tweed Street, from 10am to noon. Tickets cost £6 and refreshments will be provided.

War and Social Change is the title of Dr Tony Barrow’s eight-part lecture series, which begins on Monday, January 15.

It deals with Europe from the end of World War I. It examines the extent to which the origins of World War II are to be found in the earlier conflict, and the effects on society of these two major conflicts.

It will take place in Berwick Voluntary Centre on Mondays, from 10am to noon. The series costs £48 and refreshments will be provided.

In The Household and Family 1500-1850, Derek Sharman MBE will explore aspects of everyday life, social conditions and changing relationships in the household and family in England during the Early Modern Period.

We begin with looking at changes in social status and relationships in the local community, and move on to examine daily life in the household. How did homes change over this period?

We will take a close look at the role of women, marriage arrangements and the lives of children over the centuries. What kind of education was available, and who would be entitled to receive it?

In The Alehouse and the Tennis Court, we will look at developments in how people spent their leisure time.

Finally, we will trace the changes in attitude towards old age and death throughout this period.

Mr Sharman’s series of eight lectures begins on Tuesday, January 16.

They will be held at the William Elder Building, Castlegate, from 10am to noon. The series costs £48, and refreshments will be provided.

Full details of all courses can be found on our website at