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At the September meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club John Thexton entertained us with a demonstration on Nature's Gifts.

Monday, 15th October 2018, 9:00 am

Using a large vase, he put in variegated hosta and bergenia leaves, with trailing vine over the edge and tall pieces of shrimp plant in the centre and trailing. Two cimicifugas in white were added in the centre, peach hypericum over the edge and to fill in, willow, gentian, a purple seed headed grass, a small crab apple, rubus and a green pom-pom chrysanth in the centre. Finally, he put in a large pink orchid, small pink roses, fatsia and ivy.

Next, he used a tall metal stand with a container on top, with a piece of driftwood hanging. Two ferns, a large variegated hosta leaf and some smaller ones grouped together were placed in. Beside the fern, he put in red hot pokers and trailing clematis opposite. Small crab apples, yellow roses, a kiwi vine sticking out at the sides and green carnations completed it.

The third design used a tall metal stand supporting a corroded coal scuttle. Along the centre, he placed variegated leaves at different heights with some at the front, and ferns to cover, rowan with white berries, foxglove seed heads and tall Chinese lanterns in the centre. He added red hot pokers, small green chrysanths, yellow roses and ivy.

In a large, round, metal dish, he placed twisted hazel, fatshedera leaves, variegated hostas and curly laurel. Flowers included pink anthuriums, dahlias and phlox, pink sedum, green carnations and large pink roses, finishing with purple leafed angelica, large hosta leaves and euonymus. This was placed beside a smaller similar design with a bronze bust between them.

For his final design, using a pedestal, he put fern and euonymus into oasis, then pink anthuriums, trailing white clematis, variegated bergenia leaves, beech, fatsia leaves and phlox. He added orange roses, dried poppy heads, orange carnations and gerberas. This was displayed with a similar design on a glass pedestal.

Pat Younger gave the vote of thanks for an interesting demonstration and evening’s entertainment.

The Christmas demonstration takes place on Wednesday, November 28, when Irene Parker will present Christmas Collection, at 7.30pm, in Whittingham Memorial Institute. Tickets are £8, available from I Hunter on 01665 578358. There will be refreshments, raffle and sales table.