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Our Alnwick Gardens outing was facilitated with free mobility scooter and wheelchair hire awaiting our arrival.

Friday, 29th June 2018, 1:00 pm

First stop – a pre-arranged lunch before an organised tour of the Poison Garden. Guide, Sue Turnbull, educated us on the dangers of many innocent looking plants. For instance, rhubarb leaves contain the intensely poisonous oxalic acid. Laurel leaves should not be crushed or burnt as it converts into cyanide gas.

The centre piece of the gardens was the spectacular fountain.

An alternative descent takes one down by amazing well maintained beech hedging and water features to the rose gardens and finally the well established Bamboo Maze. Our next ‘Get Together’ is scheduled for Monday, July 2, at 11am in Tweedmouth Bowling Club with masseuse Alanna Brown.