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The man who helped to set up the Berwick-based Taxibus Service more than 30 years ago said that he had put a great deal of effort into being an innovator.

Sunday, 20th March 2016, 8:00 am

John Wylde, former county transport officer, gave a very interesting talk on the project, and he has now recalled its history by writing a book about it.

Three eight-seater vehicles formed the backbone of the original service, running from Berwick to Eyemouth, and quickly expanded to a regular hourly service to Coldingham and St Abbs, which ran until 11pm and also on Christmas Day.

As the scheme progressed, organisers opened up a service to Branxton, a Berwick-Wooler-Alnwick route, and Berwick to Dunbar, and on to Edinburgh.

John explained that after deregulating the buses in 1985, the Government initially made it difficult for operators.

In Berwick they at first had to pay to park their vehicles at Berwick Station, but after contacting Berwick Borough Council the chief executive, Edward Cawthorn, skilfully negotiated an agreement with the railway company.

It took six months for Taxibus services to prove they were feasible, and four to five years to make a profit.

John paid tribute to the co-members of Berwick’s management team of John, Brian Brown, Anne Rae and Dave Fairbairn.

He said the group insisted on a regular, reliable service, which attracted customers.

Secretary George Martin confirmed the club would run a visit to RAF Boulmer after a good response from members. It will be on April 11.