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A state-of-the-art showroom and base, with a factory at Pallion in Sunderland, has helped to build the high reputation of Callerton Kitchens in Spittal.

Saturday, 6th October 2018, 9:00 am

One of the big success stories was revealed by James Herriot, chairman and founder, and director Anthony Kippax, who leads the Sunderland operation, when they spoke to Berwick Probus Club.

Exciting projects are in the pipeline. Despite the problems facing firms when Brexit arrives, there will be highlight events, master classes including kitchen elements, and continued support for the Grove School at Tweedmouth, which promise a dynamic future.

And the speakers emphasised that the backing for local charities in the area will continue.

Slides of work carried out on kitchens, bedrooms and other schemes of high class craftsmanship were shown.

The firm is proud that it never loses sight of core values.

Mr Herriot, son of the late Allan, worked with Allan Brothers in Tweedmouth, snapped up the old ‘Tin Tab’ in Spittal and turned it into Callerton Kitchens. At the time, small-scale business models were popular.

As business boomed, they won more and more quality contracts, formed dealerships and had orders from all over the county.

Callerton is also proud of the opportunities it has created for apprenticeships.

The two guests said their efforts in preparing for Brexit involved their biggest investment, and that people had always appreciated their quality and endeavours.