Latest news from Berwick CRUK

The Berwick branch held its AGM at the Castle Hotel, Berwick.

Saturday, 1st July 2017, 9:00 am

Area fund-raising manager Carolyn Reynolds thanked the committee for all its work over the financial year.

She was grateful for the invite to the thanksgiving event at the parish church. It was a very successful day.

She explained about the recent devastating fire at the Christie Laboratory, with tissue samples lost forever and computers destroyed, but we must soldier on.

Chairman of the branch Mrs Dorothy Wakenshaw gave her report, covering seven months as the 2016 AGM was held on September 22. She welcomed everyone who had attended the AGM of Berwick Town branch and thanked them for attending in this, our 60th year.

Sadly, she had to report the death of Mr Peter Herdman MBE, who was branch chairman from 2009 until February 2014.

It has been a very busy time for the branch.

In October, the chairman attended an event at Paxton House with two committee members. They had a very interesting guided tour, followed by a buffet lunch and a presentation from Dr J Allan.

In November the sale of raffle tickets took place at Morrison’s prior to our Christmas fair, which was very successful.

In January, our anniversary month, Jean Morgan and the chairman attended the Newcastle Institute for Cancer Research. They were given a tour of the research laboratory, along with Dr J Allan and Carolyn Reynolds. Following the tour there was a buffet, including a lovely decorated anniversary cake.

Once more Kyle Hossack took part in the Mayor’s Boxing Day Dip and raised money for the branch.

In April a thanksgiving service was held and attended by various charities in Berwick Parish Church. The service was conducted by the Bishop of Berwick, the first for 400 years, and the Rev Dennis Handley. We displayed leaflets and photographs in the foyer.

Also in April, the branch joined Tesco in promoting Race for Life by taking a collection at the store entrance.

The treasurer was thanked for his diligence in the running of branch funds.

Finally, thanks were given to everyone for their support. We will continue to have fund-raising events so please do come and support us.

The election of officers was as follows: Chairman Dorothy Wakenshaw; secretary Jessica Spencer-Barry; treasurer Richard Addison.