Know the four symptoms

I used to be one of the four out of five women in the UK that can't name bloating as a major symptom of ovarian cancer. Then my role model, the wonderful comedian Linda Smith, died from the disease.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 07 March, 2018, 08:00

Now, as an ambassador for Target Ovarian Cancer, I am calling for more awareness during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month this March.

I want everyone to know the four symptoms – it could save lives: Persistent bloating, feeling full, tummy pain, needing to wee more.

It’s time to Take Ovar. Join us at your workplace, school or community. Bake Some Noise with a cake sale or coffee morning, join us on Friday, March 9, for The Big Colour Clash by wearing your loudest outfit for a donation, or challenge yourself to tell 50 people about the symptoms and raise £50.

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Susan Calman

Target Ovarian Cancer