King's View idea suggested for housing scheme

Berwick Town Council has called for a change to the proposed name of a new housing development.

Saturday, 30th December 2017, 07:01 am
Updated Saturday, 30th December 2017, 12:10 pm
The view from Camphill, Berwick.

Six new homes have been built by Michael Guthrie Developments at Camphill, on the northern edge of the town.

It is proposed to call them King Edward’s View but concerns were raised by Coun Brian Douglas at last week’s full council meeting.

The Capture of Berwick by Edward I in 1296 was the first significant battle of the First War of Scottish Independence, while Edward III defeated Scottish forces at the Battle of Halidon Hill in 1333.

Coun Douglas said: “Edward I slaughtered 8,000 people there and, in Edward III’s reign, it’s estimated 45,000-65,000 Scots were killed at Halidon Hill. I would suggest calling it King’s View rather than King Edward’s View.”

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Fellow town councillors agreed and their view will now be passed on to Northumberland County Council to make the final decision.