Keep them under control

I am writing to discuss a serious matter that must be addressed immediately. It is concerning Spittal beach, Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Saturday, 31st March 2018, 09:00 am

Dogs are being let off leads and are left running about and doing their business on the sand, which, disgustingly, their owners do not clean up.

We all know that small children run around barefoot on the beach and they do not need to be standing in something a dog has just done.

Many small children are scared of dogs and when our pooches are let off leads, we need to think of those children too.

The beach is a place to have fun with family and be carefree. Nobody deserves to be constantly afraid of a dog.

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Now trust me when I say this, dogs aren’t particularly the issue, the owners need to train these dogs and not let them off the lead because their dog is their responsibility.

This rule does not mean at all that dogs shouldn’t be allowed on beaches because they deserve to have fun too, but we need to spare a thought for the children (and adults) on this beach as well.

Believe me, I love dogs and they are brilliant, but they can lash out at any moment.

An obedient dog should be able to stay on a lead and still enjoy the fresh air.

Plus, dogs are doing the same on the promenade, doing their business and walking around without a lead.

I am also thinking about the owners of these dogs. Imagine letting your dog off the lead and then they run off and you cannot find them anywhere. How sad would that be?

Now I understand not all dogs do this, but most dogs get too excited when off the lead and it could end in catastrophe.

So please, spare a thought for the people who want to have fun on the beach because we all deserve to be safe.

Thank you.

Ruby McGuinness

Aged 10

York (currently visiting my grandparents in Spittal)