Keep clear for the elderly

As election time looms, the electorate appear somewhat bewildered as to whether or not to cast a vote. I know as I am one of them.

Sunday, 26th March 2017, 8:00 am

It is to be hoped that the successful candidate keeps his or her promises and restores normality to this unique town.

With recreation parks, etc, on the agenda, it is to be hoped that a degree of discipline is brought to bear on, dare I say it, the younger generation.

We do have an ageing population, but there should be some course of action taken against the perpetrators and their parents/guardians. I refer to the growing number of youths who monopolise our pavements to the danger and detriment of many older and infirm people, without even a word of advice from those who should know better.

Section 64 of the Highway Code clearly states that an offence is committed by anyone cycling on a public footpath.

A financial penalty is incurred, but at present, due to over-stretched resources, neither HM Constabulary nor Northumberland’s civil enforcement team appear to implement a course of action by prosecuting both the offender and his/her legal guardian. It has been said that a minimum fine of £50 should be imposed on each by way of a fixed-penalty ticket.

As the holiday season approaches, it is hoped the tradespersons will be kept busy and the roads and streets made safer.

Here’s hoping the many issues will be addressed by our elected councillors, thus ensuring Berwick’s future.

Eric Allen

Tweed Street