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Despite having been a strong critic of the building of The Maltings Theatre and its, in my opinion, appalling design (lack of fly tower, lack of scenery doors, etc), I have, since before the age of three when I appeared professionally on stage with Laurel and Hardy and others in London's Victoria Palace Theatre, always had a close connection with theatres and professional theatre.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 9:00 am

I was amazed to read under the heading ‘New theatre forms key part of Borderlands bid’ (Berwick Advertiser, September 20), a comment by ‘a spokesman for Northumberland County Council’ that: “The new theatre will allow the internationally-renowned programme of The Maltings…”.

Who on earth does the spokesman for Northumberland County Council think they are kidding?

Perhaps he/she will tell me not only what “internationally-renowned programme” they are talking about, but also the qualifications and experience they have to enable them to make such comment.

Incidentally, when the construction of The Maltings was being considered I believe that none of the highly skilled theatrical professionals who lived in Berwick, for instance the Oscar nominated and Golden Globe winner Alexander Knox and the successful North West of England theatre manager Philip Rothwell, were even asked their opinions.

Ted Loveday

Managing Director