Join in the clean-up

In September 2007, the St Boisil Residents' Association was officially established to preserve and improve the amenities of the Seton Ward of Tweedmouth, south of Ord Drive and Union Brae.

Saturday, 24th March 2018, 8:00 am

Since then, the committee has met bi-monthly at St Boisil’s church hall.

The group is non-sectarian and non-political, and has been helped by local councillors and members of the community police, who advise on incidents.

One of its great successes has been the Town Green in Dock Road. Thanks to the association, it received official recognition in 2011.

An ongoing problem is the Goody Patchy woodland, which attracts litter.

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Green space officer for north Northumberland Frances Povey has agreed to meet Tweedmouth residents who want to improve our district, on Tuesday, March 27, at 2.30pm, on the Town Green (northern end, nearest to the docks).

She has already equipped us with the necessary tools – gloves, grabbers and bin bags.

We hope to continue the litter-picking for an hour or so each month to enhance our area and respond to the nationwide appeal to banish plastics.

Do come along on March 27 if you are interested.

Rose Kay

Knowe Head