It's a question about change

Everyone in Berwick by now is aware, I am sure, that we are having major problems within our town council.

Friday, 19th August 2016, 08:00 am

In my opinion these issues come down to one simple question – should our town stay the same as it has over the last 40-plus years, or do we go for change and capitalise on our town’s tourism offer to provide an economic future for our town and its people?

The way I see it is there are two groups, one which wants to see change for our town, the other that wants the town to stay as it has done over the past 40-plus years.

So the big question coming Berwick’s way is do we continue on the same economic path as we have over the last few decades, or do we go for change and allow the town to capitalise on its excellent potential tourism offer in order to provide an economic future for the town’s people?

Frankly, talking to the people I went to school with in this town and others I have known all my life, no one can understand why our town has not capitalised on its excellent tourism potential long before now.

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This big question, although fundamental and one that must be answered, is not the difficult part of this whole thing, it’s with the way that people’s voices are heard within the town.

In my experience, the people whose voices really should be heard never are, to the point that nobody in the town bothers getting involved in how our town is run and managed so it’s really about getting these opinions heard.

So, again, there is a big question coming our town’s way – should we stay the same or go for it with the acceptance of some change?

May I also take this opportunity to suggest that any outside investment looking at this town with regards to major regeneration would not want to come near until some clarity on the matter can be sought and the council itself is a true representation of the voice of the people of our town.

I have chosen at this time to go down the anonymity route as I’m still attempting to find a route that could address this question in a formal manner, but I am sure tongues will be wagging, cos that’s Berwick and you either love it or don’t – me, I love it.

The above statement has been provided in full faith by a resident who has attended a great number of council meetings and spoken with individuals involved and others over the last three years and as so considers himself knowledgeable enough to form this opinion.

Name and address supplied